Graphic Design & Communications

Wildflower provides public health consulting and graphic design support to diverse agencies including non-profits, government entities, and foundations. We feel confident that Wildflower Consulting can work with your staff to co-design compelling organizational materials, such as those that allow the Prevention Institute to enhance its reputation as a well-respected change organization.

We recognize how effective communications strategies can advance a health and social equity agenda with policymakers, legislators, public health partners, community-based organizations, and the media. Wildflower tailors our support to the capacity and needs of our clients. In fact, our graphic design services and other communications support arose from an ever-increasing demand from our clients.

Historically most of our work had been in jump-starting new initiatives; engaging communities in systems change; synthesizing and communicating evaluation plans and results; and resource development. More and more, we found that our work included framing messaging for complex ideas. And to be effective at that we needed to design compelling, easily understood graphics. So, we did. We merged the power of Erik Underwood’s cutting-edge graphic designs with Wildflower’s innovative and collaboratively developed public health messaging approaches.

While Wildflower has only been offering graphic support for about two years, we have had impressive results and an increasing demand, including annual contracts to develop materials for various divisions within the CDC. Why? Because we get it

At Wildflower, we care about what you care about. Our agency has a long history with non-profit public health organizations. We understand passion, collaboration, time constraints, and flexibility. Our staff effectively translates project goals to design outcomes with striking visuals; works with multiple stakeholders; takes feedback; and brainstorms fresh solutions. Finally, we have experience balancing multiple projects and deadlines, and are comfortable leading distanced-based approaches to this work.

Why choose Wildflower? Because we believe we’re the best fit for your needs, and we would like a chance to prove it. To help you see what we see, please review our branding strategy and graphic design work samples. We look forward to discussing how we could work together to create an innovative branding strategy that best reflects your agency's goals.  Questions?  Contact us here.


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