Shelton T. McElroy, Consulting Partner

Catapulted by experiences in the fostercare system and entanglements in the criminal justice system, Shelton T. McElroy has dedicated his life to making systemic change through his work with individuals, out of self-preservation and preservation of his community. McElroy works as a Program manager, specializing in parental Engagement for Metro United Way and Educator with Urban League in Louisville, KY, where his work focuses on bridging the educational divide and interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline. Recently, he was selected to be a 2016 Fellow with Just Leadership USA, a national organization focused on cutting the incarceration rate by half come 2030. McElroy has earned many honors for his community engagement efforts, including being named a "Who's Who in Louisville 2016" and becoming a member of the Kentucky Order of Colonels in 2010. He is a prolific speaker, providing his personal testimony, delivering conference presentations, and serving as the keynote speaker at numerous local and national events. In 2015, McElroy earned a Masters degree in Education and Human Development from the School of Professional Counseling at Lindsey Wilson University.