Lacey McNary, Consulting Partner

Lacey McNary provides expert and experienced system change, policy and leadership consulting services to organizations across the country that want to get results and achieve their goals – particularly the non-profit sector, foundations and community organizations. Her mission is to get results for families, especially the most vulnerable. She employs a results based leadership and accountability framework in her approach. She specializes in health related issues including oral health, obesity, and children’s health access, although skills are transferable across issue areas.

Lacey joined the staff at Kentucky Youth Advocates in 2002 and served in many roles at the organization -including deputy director. Successes include leading a planning effort to improve oral health outcomes by developing a statewide oral health literacy campaign as she directed the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition. Lacey is adept at designing, initiating, and sustaining a variety of projects and programs in several portfolio arenas, including health, early childhood, and child welfare.

She provides strategic consulting to clients such as Kentucky Youth Advocates, Pew Charitible Trusts, Brian Injury Alliance of Kentucky, National Safe Place Network, Wildflower Consulting, and the DentaQuest Foundation. Lacey is a member of the National Oral Health Advisory Committee for Oral Health 2020 through the DentaQuest Foundation. She serves as a member of the Southeastern Health Equity Council with the Federal Office of Minority Health.