Josh Jennings, Associate Director

If you live in a low-income neighborhood with a busy single parent and few sources of fresh fruit and vegetables, you may end up relying on the local drive-thru or microwave for most of your meals. Josh Jennings learned that first-hand from his own childhood. Since 2006, his work has centered on building partnerships with organizations and communities to improve food systems and make healthier choices more accessible and available, especially for low-income families like the one he grew up in.

As Associate Director with Wildflower Consulting, he brings varied experience related to food systems, health equity, social justice, community development, and public health communications. He previously served as a Community Health Specialist with the Louisville Metro Center for Health Equity on projects that included obesity prevention and youth leadership development. Examples of previous accomplishments include:

  • Author of 12 successful funding opportunities, with client awards over $8 million
  • Coordinated a learning community of 10 local and state public health departments supported by the CDC’s Sodium Reduction in Communities program
  • Technical assistance provider to the Institute for Public Health Innovation on a farmers’ market incentive program, the development of the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council, and Maryland’s Food Charter
  • Assisted five public health institutes in implementing evidence-based public health approaches from The Community Guide
  • Drafted 17 fact sheets for CDC’s Prevention Research Centers
  • Developed tip sheets to improve CDC’s Funding Opportunity Announcement process
  • Led evaluation efforts for three non-profit organizations in Kentucky, utilizing qualitative methods such as community asset mapping, collaboration analysis, and key informant interviews
  • Served as Community Health Specialist for six years with Louisville Metro Government on projects that included youth obesity prevention and leadership development
  • Coordinated nationally recognized initiatives including double-value coupons for farmers markets, establishment of local food policy councils, and addition of more fresh produce in corner stores through a program called "Healthy in a Hurry"
  • Served as Board Chair of Louisville Grows, an urban agriculture, forestry and environmental education nonprofit organization.

Through this work, Josh has deepened his interest in community and organizational development that creates sustainable programs that ultimately demonstrate their triple bottom line value (economic, health, and environment).